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A myriad of manufactures across the globe design, develop, and manufacture complex RF and microwave communications systems and subsystems. Cutting-edge solutions help commercial, government, and military clients achieve wide reaching communications with surprisingly rapid system deployment.


Many current communication problems can be efficiently solved using a mix of advanced RF and digital technologies. New technologies are surfacing every day for custom solutions designed to address specific challenges related to communications and SIGINT applications.


Wireless technology has impacted life in a variety of ways, and these organizations keep their clients on the cutting edge. Businesses that continue to operate with outdated practices are missing out on the crucial benefits of current technology.


RF and microwave products cover a wide range of frequencies and modulation formats. Many are FPGA-based designs including embedded operating systems and high-speed digital signal processing at both baseband and IF.


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    Developments in two-way radio systems are offering better reliability while reducing overall expenses along with features that could benefit industries where mobile phones are currently dominating. These technology advancements support the importance of two-way radio across many industries. Within this blog, we will discover some specific advantages of two-way radios when compared with cell systems. Listed here are five advantages ...

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    The two-way radio is actually a radio that may both receive and transfer (the transceivers). Many times, most of these voice wireless communication systems, including cellular systems, fall into two-way radio types.   The Two-way radio is a radio system mainly utilized for team interaction and is also called as: Professional Mobile Radios (PMR) Land Mobile Radios (LMR) Private Mobile ...

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    Any radio repeater is the combination of radio transmitter and radio receiver that gets the signal and then re-transmits it, to ensure that signals can cover long distance. These Repeaters can be found in professional, commercial, and federal government mobile phone radio systems as well as within amateur radios. Read the article and find out Why Do You Need a ...

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  • Wireless Site Survey Preparation

    Regardless of what business you work in, you probably possess wireless telecommunication systems at your office. If you frequently suffer from weak wireless signals, interaction may get slowed or halt totally. Weakened signals are often caused by having several dividers or using radio-emitting gadgets that create interference. Whatever may the cause of slowed or halted interaction, it clearly places a ...

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