Cell Strength Not Consistent During the Year

If you work or live in a location with consistently weak reception, you will realize that it could hamper numerous aspects of one’s daily communications. This is because of existence of “dead zone”. These Dead Zones are small locations, occasionally in populated and well-connected cities, which cannot use mobile phone services. If you stay in or work in the dead zone, you may need to go upstairs, downstairs or outside to speak on your mobile phone, which could be annoying when it happens frequently.


Within the dense or populated urban region, these signals can travel only few hundred yards before interfering with the next antenna. In outlying locations, fewer stronger impulses are spread throughout wider range because there are less obstructions. Without any disruptions, any regular telephone can communicate with cell towers up to 45 miles away. In many cases, you are no farther than 20 kilometres away from the closest tower.


Regardless of this your building suffers poor cell strength though out the year, or only within the spring or winter. But there is a solution to it. It is called the in-building cellular enhancement method.


What is an In-Building Cellular Improvement System?


The in-building cellular improvement method improves coverage all through the building by stretching and releasing cell signals from the cell phone network operators. This system is generally installed in combination with the dispersed antenna system (DAS). This system links to carrier’s transmission source (usually bi-directional amplifier or basic transceiver station). The signal is passed on and obtained through the operator’s licensed radio frequency.


The mobile phone transmission enhancer method is the additional solution, and it is an efficient method to acquire powerful and continuous transmission power within any building.


What is a Cell phone Transmission Booster Method?


The actual concept is fairly easy. The objective of the cell phone signal booster method is to pick up a cell phone signal from an area where the signal exists, and transfer it to where ever you need it. The system amplifies the transmission to ensure that it is consistently strong within the region where you intend to improve mobile phone receptions.

So why do Some Areas have Weakened Transmission Strength?


There are few factors, which are responsible for getting weak cell phone transmission in any area. Mobile phone signals are passed on via so called radio waves, and to make a call, your telephone needs to receive and send these radio waves to the closest station.


The strength of this transmission also depends on how close you are from nearest base station – more away you are, the weaker the signal will be. Cell phone transmission power can be an issue when you live within remote or rural place.


The golden rule of thumb :  When you can get the signal outdoors, but not inside, the problem may be with the poor coverage which can be improved by the cellular repeater. This situation is different for different people.

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