Hospital Reception Improvements with Wireless Communications

Efforts made by health systems to provide best care at cheapest price along with developments in minimally invasive methods have made many hospitals to create great outpatient environment in the recent times. As a result, the quality of the care within this setting has become an important component of any wellness system’s achievement. In order to achieve a better environment, one has to first have a system in place that allows one another to be able to communicate without interruption.


Hospital Reception Improvements


Installing a Distributed Antenna System or a DAS will help a hospital to be able to run smoothly without the worry of the wireless signal dropping. This is especially essential when there are continuous emergencies amount patients going on. One must be able to communicate to the different departments without delay. A DAS allows things such as, greater workforce mobility and uninterrupted cloud access.

Since many hospitals now use technology devices to input patient data this is necessary to allow any doctor, nurse, technician to access that specific patient’s information. They all need the information in real time. Some common issues within a hospital is that the signal could become overloaded because there are so many devices running. There may also be the need for different frequency bands for the different carriers. The solution to that is to provide PCS, LTE and cellular services through an active off-air DAS. This can be accomplished by each floor having remote units of their own.

The other thing to consider when looking at the wireless capabilities within a hospital is that of the patient and their families and friends. During their time in the hospital people want to be able to communicate with one another about updates etc. If they have to wait a long time they will also want to be able to go on social media, google or other apps that may require data. With a DAS this allows a better patient experience as they will feel that they are able to stay connected while they are there.


The Benefits of a Distributed Antenna System


A DAS is definitely beneficial as it allows there to by one network, which makes things more simplified. It allows there to be many users without the loss of connectivity or lag. It is imperative within a hospital that the system is being slow and there is a critical patient to look after.

It is also beneficial for first responders who rely on the use of two-way radios. Their lines of communication must always be open between those who may be in the hospital, those who may be still in a vehicle and the station itself, and a DAS helps them to communicate in real time without the worry of loss of signal.

The most important thing with a DAS is that it is installed properly and designed by professionals as they have the experience and knowledge to make sure that every part of the hospital will have coverage.

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