Importance of Two-Way Radios During Disasters

When a catastrophe strikes are you ready to respond to it? What are your plans to keep your communication lines open if mobile phone lines become overburdened, or the Internet fails? Anyone who functions as a member of professional first-respondent group is aware that the most critical component of the emergency situation is the use of communication lines.


Here Two-way radios come in to rescue. Two-way radio does not rely on electricity (except for charging batteries), telephone lines, or the towers. They will transfer information as far as Twelve kilometers in the ideal circumstances. They allow for regular speech interaction and do not need any special coaching or expensive gears. Like any modern technology though, they require reliable DC power.


Why are more people opting for Two-Way Radios than ever before?


In July 2013, the monsoon flood disaster in India has alerted people around the globe. Due to absence of interaction during the disaster, others have learned from the difficulties faced by individuals and companies. Because of this many officials in other flood prone areas have implemented radio services for unexpected emergency communications.


Features & Functionality


  • Every electronic two-way radio provides different kinds of mission critical abilities to be used every day as well as during disaster, such as:
  • GPS Location Tracking: Accurate location monitoring of each vehicle and staff provides life-saving coverage and aids for proper dispatching.
  • Noise reduction software: People can communicate even during high-force wind
  • Long battery life: The two-way radio battery packs are available which can last for 10 hours straight, guaranteeing that these devices will act as first responders.


Benefits of Two-Way Radios During Emergency Situations


  • Radio Tracking Gadgets: Know Exactly where Everyone Is located during An Emergency
  • It works even when all other communication systems fails
  • Can communicate With People who are many kilometres away
  • Radios Are Long lasting And Lightweight


The Significance of Top Quality Radios


Just do not purchase any 2-way radio; cheap designs, which are sold at the local shop, will not provide the same quality as professional model. The advanced features of numerous 2-way radios could make the main difference between these radios and using any cheap radio at the time of unexpected emergency.


Regardless of whether you are coordinating evacuation efforts or large recovery during any disaster or ensuring the families to come out of danger safely, two-way radios offer that required interaction, regardless of the situation. Because these radios do not depend on towers or landlines, they can be used instantly in any emergency. They offer the ever-essential link during catastrophe situations. From expert rescuers to families and businesses, the benefit of quality two-way radios are the crucial part of any good disaster preparedness strategy.

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