Wireless Site Survey Preparation

Regardless of what business you work in, you probably possess wireless telecommunication systems at your office. If you frequently suffer from weak wireless signals, interaction may get slowed or halt totally. Weakened signals are often caused by having several dividers or using radio-emitting gadgets that create interference. Whatever may the cause of slowed or halted interaction, it clearly places a damper on your productivity.


Any wireless site survey will be the key for configuring in-building radio improvement system. This informative guide explains how to get ready for the wireless site survey at your site, including issues the surveyor will need to learn about your building as well as requirement for communication.


Active VS Predictive VS Passive Wireless site Survey


There are 3 types of site surveys:


  • Passive: These surveys are usually utilized with rogue devices, preliminary surveys, gauging down-links RF coverage, as well as for verifying RF setting.
  • Active Surveys: These types of surveys are performed with APs linked to survey customer used throughout evaluation. It shows modifications in the data prices regarding RF condition variances, during re-transmissions.
  • Predictive Surveys: These surveys depend on the usage of specific software application that can identify and evaluate the coverage region utilizing RF algorithm to carry out AP positions.


Why you must plan Wireless Site Survey?

If you would like your company to stop wasting time and focus on work, you have to set up an ideal wireless network. The key to make this successful is to schedule the professional wireless site survey.


How to prepare to get the Site Survey

Before any site survey, you must consider few things to prepare and get maximum benefit out of it. The site surveyor requires variety of info to build the best radio improvement system for your office. Such as :


  • What kind of RF application is essential- Location, Data, Voice, and so on.?
  • What is the type of building? Single-floor, multi-floor, stockroom, campus etc.? Get the digital flooring programs accessible for evaluation.
  • Devices that will be used and what is the requirement for these gadgets?
  • What type of tools are needed to prepare the wireless heat-map

Flooring layouts – you will require well-driven flooring strategy to ensure that you have a good view of the entire area to be covered by wireless transmission.

Wireless Access Points – The access point will simulate the specific wireless coverage and strength of your wireless coverage once these specific access points are installed. This will generate transmission for the particular region on your layout.

Heat-map devices – To present the information visually, heat-map is generated by computer aided applications. This device usually need floor strategy which is upload into it and additional inputs from the site survey for it to improve the productivity of wireless transmission.



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